Parish Council

The parish council consists of adults both elected and appointed by the pastor to assist in promoting the spiritual growth of the parish community and to plan ways for the parish to carry out the mission of the church. The council’s mission is to focus upon the community and pastoral needs of the parishioners.


Finance Council

Members are appointed by the pastor to serve as his advisors and consultants regarding financial matters, personnel, and capital assets. This Committee reviews and approves the operating and capital budgets prepared by the parish accountant, endorses the appropriate annual financial reports for the Archdiocese, and compares actual results from operations with established budgetary levels.


Parish Trustees

All Parishes in the Archdiocese of Hartford are separate Corporations under Connecticut State Law. As such, each Parish is composed of a five member Corporation with the Archbishop as President, the Pastor as Vice President, the Vicar General as a Trustee and two Lay Trustees from the Parish. The Lay Trustees are appointed annually by the Pastor and Archbishop.

Our current lay Trustees are Ronald Vitarelli 203-758-1130 and Lorraine Zionkowski 203-598-7599.


Building & Grounds

In conjunction with the setting of priorities to improve and maintain our church facility, this committee will inspect the building and grounds once or twice a year to monitor progress and offer suggestions. This group will consist of members from the Planning Committee and volunteer parishioners who have special skills to offer in the areas of building maintenance and appearance.