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May 4th, 2017 by Donna in Pastor Message Archive

Pastor’s Easter Message…..

Revel in the Resurrection: Doing Things Differently

     Boundless Mercy: God is infinite love, boundless mercy, and that Love has conquered evil at its root through the death and resurrection of Christ. This is the Gospel, the Good News: God’s love has won! Christ died on the cross for our sins and rose again. With Him we can fight evil and conquer every day.

     Do we believe this or not? . . . Bet that “yes” has to become part of life! If I believe that Jesus has conquered evil and saved me, I must follow along the path of Jesus for my whole life.


     A Vital Power: Christ’s resurrection is not an event of the past; it contains a vital power which has permeated this world. Where all seems to be dead, signs of the Resurrection suddenly spring up. It is an irresistible force.

     Often it seems that God does not exist: all around us we see persistent injustice, evil, indifference, and cruelty. But it is also true that in the midst of darkness something new always springs to life and sooner or later produces fruit.

– Pope Francis

Dear brothers and sisters in the Risen One,

As you leave Mass today, you hopefully will be carrying a few items, one crucial and one helpful to your own spirituality.

First, you are carrying the realization that you are ALIVE in the RISEN CHRIST! You have heard the Word, gone to the Tomb emptied by God’s Love, received the Sacrament of Salvation in the Holy Eucharist, and now return home refreshed and revived.

Second, you (hopefully) hold in your hands the new book by Allen Hunt, Everybody Has to Forgive Somebody. This is a very accessible book, divided into 12 chapters, each describing a decision to forgive another. Forgiveness equals FREEDOM! Take a few minutes each day to let it sink in. Why go through the expense of obtaining a book for each parishioner (new, returning/visitor)? To claim our Baptismal heritage! Continue to respond to God’s call to live in the Risen Christ!

Finally, “Doing Things Differently” is not a slogan – it is a call to a new life style. How can I respond? Perhaps I will commit to daily/weekly Mass, join a small Christian Community, read a bit of the book each day, serve in the liturgy (Mass), teach young people. If I am a young adult, I can commit to attending Mass and practicing my faith after Confirmation. Confirmation is not “graduation”. Perhaps I can leave my old self behind, and do it differently?!

Do not be afraid! Let us “do things differently” and respond anew to Christ’s call to share His Life, Death and Resurrection. You are welcome at St. John of the Cross.

Open this bulletin – fill out the next page, tear off, and return it via the collection basket or hand it to an usher. Even e-mail us if you wish. There are boundless opportunities to put our talents at the service of Risen Lord Jesus Christ. Let us usher in the Kingdom together.

In my own name and in the name of Deacon Michael Walsh and Deacon Stephen Savarese, as well as our lay staff, we extend our prayerful best wishes for a blessed Easter and a holy, life-giving and wondrous Easter and Easter Season.

Your brother in the Risen One,

Reverend Dennis J. Vincenzo


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