Pastor’s Message 04/23/2017

May 4th, 2017 by Donna in Pastor Message Archive

Too Many to Thank?

No way!! Too many to name—yeah, of course.


As we conclude the Easter Octave today (in our tradition, Easter and Christmas take eight days to celebrate, since they are so seminal to our faith), our thoughts turn to THANKSGIVING. No, not the November one with turkey, cranberry sauce, and all the fixins’; this one is our gesture of gratitude for all who helped to make our celebration of Easter special.

Thank you to all the musicians, and the exquisite prayer led by the choir and directed by Mr. Allan Dabkowski. I would like them all to stand up and be recognized, but they are doing it for the Risen Lord, not adulation.

To all who helped with liturgies: setting up, serving, reading, as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, we say “job well done!” To all who decorated the church so beautifully, we are so grateful!

To the ushers, greeters, and all the folks who were ambassadors to newcomers or infrequent comers: what a welcoming environment we had! To the behind the scenes people – set up, clean up, execute the environment, wash dry, iron the altar linen with TLC – BRAVO! Job well done!

Our hearts are full of gratitude, not doubting in any way like St. Thomas.

Congratulations to all who glorify the Risen Lord.

In the Risen Lord,

Reverend Dennis J. Vincenzo

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