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March 27th, 2017 by Donna in Pastor Message Archive

From the Desk of Father Dennis


I was driving along 84 on the ‘Mixmaster’ into Waterbury the other day, and two huge trucks passed me by. Both were identical, about the size of an oil truck you see delivering fuel oil to your home. On the back of each was a sign which read “Municipal Waste,” visible from behind. There were no other markings on the trucks, such as one identifying them as belonging to a municipality or a private concern.

I got to thinking, since I do not recall seeing ones like them before: ‘To whom do they belong? Public? Private?’ I do not know why, but I thought about them for a few more exits, until they disappeared from my sight.

Would that it was so easy, to fill up tankers with our ‘waste,’ e.g. our sins, sinful choices, omissions, pettiness, violations of the Commandments, and all sorts of transgressions, even dating back years, such as our calcified grudges, our sins against someone’s good name or reputation, our sexual or sensual disrespect for our own bodies or the bodies of others? I get it, we could fill up our ‘tankers,’ and send them along their merry way on the ‘Mixmaster,’ never to be seen or heard from again. To carry my image to its completion, they could be emptied (read: dumped) into some mythical landfill.

I got you one better!!! We have such an opportunity, yet it does not involve a tanker or even our favorite stretch of road, the ‘Mixmaster’! Our beautiful Catholic faith, which seeks eternal life for everyone among us, has for millennia had the life-giving remedy:

CONFESSION – the Sacrament of Penance/Reconciliation

We speak directly to Jesus, in the person of the priest (alter Christus, another Christ) to be freed from our sins, our transgressions, our failures, those of omission or commission (you have to be over a certain age to remember these!). It is a judgement free zone, as the health club advertises, and we walk away free of our sins, and as fresh spiritually as a newborn baby!

As I write this, I come off of one hour in the Reconciliation room (the night before Eugene blew in to town), and I heard one Confession in 75 minutes. Why is that? With a parish of 1099 families, why is that?

Continued next week…

In Christ’s peace,

Rev. Dennis J. Vincenzo

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