Pastor’s Message 11/20/2016

March 8th, 2017 by Donna in Pastor Message Archive 2016

From the Desk of Father Dennis
Second Collections 

Many people have observed that there seems to be an increase in the  number of second collections as of late.  We had the collection for Hurricane Matthew relief followed closely by the Military Archdiocesan collection, and this week’s Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  This will be followed closely by the support of the Retired Religious in just a few weeks.
Our parish has tried to keep second collections to a minimum.  We have the Debt Reduction quarterly, as well as the utilities and vacation makeup.  Our Christmas collection is in lieu of a monthly collection.
However, you should know that Deanery priests have asked that the increase in second collections be brought up before the Presbyteral Council, the main advisory board to Archbishop.  We hope to begin a fruitful dialogue, and perhaps initiate some relief.
These national collections are set by the Bishops’ Conference.
I am curious to hear how people reacted to the “free will” format, with a basket placed by the altar.  This may be some relief from passing the basket.
We will continue to evaluate our efforts with the advice of the Finance Council.  Please continue your ordinary support for the parish, as always, since this is the lifeblood of our temporal affairs.
Stay tuned.
In Christ,
Reverend Dennis J. Vincenzo

Rev. Dennis J. Vincenzo

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