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Autumn leaves

Jesus doesn’t


I was visiting friends in northern Connecticut recently and I saw this sign on a placard outside a Christian church. It is a short hand way to make a point, an especially important one. The area was an area that folks would likely go “leaf peeping,” so it is especially more meaningful. Driving by, you catch a glimpse of it, and it might not sink in until some time later. Deacon Mike mentioned in his homily a few weeks ago that he likes bumper stickers because they are like little parables. This little parable makes a strong point.

This truth of autumn leaves is something we see every day this time of year. We admire them, travel to see them, and miss them when a fierce rainstorm (or hurricane) disturbs them. In a sense, we acknowledge how fragile they are, how much subject they are to fickle weather conditions or draught. Essentially, they are here today and gone tomorrow, and then winter is upon us. No matter how beautiful, we know that they leave, because they are transitory.

The Person who is not transitory is Jesus. He is present to us in all of our joys and struggles, hopes and dreams, in good times and in bad. He is always there to help us, to comfort us, to console us, and to offer Himself for our nourishment and salvation. Through His living Word and the Sacraments, His Real Presence is awesome and awe-inspiring! We need only come to Him, open our hearts, and be embraced by His perfect Love and Mercy. The Year of Mercy declared by our Holy Father Pope Francis will end on the Solemnity of Christ the King on November 20th, but in truth we bask in His Mercy every moment of our lives, every second of every day.

Jesus never leaves us. He is always ready to forgive. Several people remarked after the 10:00 a.m. Mass last Sunday that it was so nice to see all the third and eighth graders participating in the Mass, whether at children’s liturgy of the Word or serving in various ministries. We all belong together, to worship our Savior and experience His Grace anew. Many of those families, unfortunately, do not attend Mass on a regular basis. If they did, with their children, they would have that experience every week. Jesus is not leaving. He is with us, in season and out of season.

In Christ’s peace,

Reverend Dennis J. Vincenzo




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