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From the Desk of Fr. Dennis

Where Do Priests Come From?

Sixty-three years ago, on Ascension Thursday 1953 (May 14), a young man from Ansonia, John Regan, was ordained to the Holy Priesthood.  Father Regan, who would later become Pastor of St. John of the Cross, would be named Monsignor Regan, when he finished his eighteen year tenure.

Many of you know that twenty-six years ago on Ascension Thursday, I began my Deacon internship here at St. John of the Cross with Monsignor (then Father) Regan.  He became my mentor in the Holy Priesthood, teaching me all aspects of ministry.  I learned countless lessons from him, and his steady hand taught me the ropes.  I am a better priest today because of Monsignor Regan’s friendship and example.

I was reminiscing with Monsignor Regan the other day about his priesthood 63 years strong and blessed.  He still says Mass every day and still prays ‘pro populo’ Masses ‘for the people’ of our parish.  Praise God!  He is still vibrant and wise, and still quick with a quip. I rejoice when members of our parish family visit him often.

Where do priests come from?  They come from Ansonia, Hartford ( me), and hopefully Middlebury.  I would like nothing more than to concelebrate as a young man from our parish presides at Mass for the first time.  Let us pray for Monsignor Regan on his anniversary, and all priests, especially those who come from Middlebury. (Hint, hint).

In the love of the High Priest,

Reverend Dennis J. Vincenzo

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