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From the Desk of Fr. Dennis

Of Many Things

‘Road Rage’

I experienced two instances of road rage over the past couple of months.  One was in Waterbury during Lent, where the other driver actually followed me into a gas station and sat blaring his horn.  He then made obscene gestures and drove off. The other was on our own 64, on Monday afternoon, impatient, following too closely, and then animated horn beeping as he passed me (too closely).
Both were unnerving, but the first was downright scary.  I came pretty close to having a confrontation.  I wondered how many of us are prone to “road raging”?
Today’s Gospel tells us of Jesus instituting a new Commandment to love one another, to conform our behavior to His.  Is it always easy?  Of course not, but we live with the higher standard, to strive toward what Matthew Kelly calls the “best version of ourselves.”


Maybe getting in the car is a good place to start.


Driving with the Lord,

, Reverend Dennis J. Vincenzo


Rev. Dennis J. Vincenzo



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