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February 24th, 2016 by Donna in Pastor Message Archive 2016

A thank you from Fr. Dennis which ran in last week’s bulletin . . . for those unable to attend Mass last weekend.

From the Desk of Fr. Dennis

From a Grateful Heart

I cannot say thank you enough for all wonderful outpouring during the past weekend on the occasion of my Silver Jubilee of my ordination to the Holy Priesthood.  “Turning Silver” in this community is indeed a wonderful blessing!  I want to thank all who made it so special.  A special thank you is shouted out to Lynn Detlefson, Noreen Corsi, and Sandra Gabrielson, who where the driving force behind the wine and cheese reception, and the coffee and. . .celebrations last weekend.  They enlisted the aid of the hospitality committee of the Women’s Group (and others) to provide delicious items to munch and savor.  Thank you, of course, to all who came to wish me well (especially the children), and those who gave me gifts.  It was a great time, full of great people.  I am indeed blessed!


Best Lent Ever

The parish Christmas gift Rediscover Jesus:  An invitation [by Matthew Kelly] keeps on giving.  Matthew Kelly founded a ministry called Dynamic Catholic which supports all of his evangelization.  This year they are launching a special outreach called “Your Best Lent Ever.”  It provides daily reflections via e-mail of a short teaching or an excerpt from the book.  It takes only a few moments each day to enter into a very special Lent.  You can sign up at:  DynamicCatholic.com/BestLentEver.


Whether you’ve read the book, or are in the process of getting through it, or haven’t yet opened it, this is a wonderful gift you can give yourself:  a precious, holy Lent.


Yours in Christ,

Reverend Dennis J. Vincenzo


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