01/10/2016 Pastor’s Message

February 24th, 2016 by Donna in Pastor Message Archive 2016

From Deacon Mike and Deacon Steve


Hi Ho Silver!

            In the famous words of the Lone Ranger, Deacon Mike and Deacon Steve want you all to know and join us, as wecongratulate and pray for our Pastor throughout the year 2016 and the many years to follow for the blessing of his priesthood.  With the parish staff and our 1300 plus families registered as members with St. John of the Cross Church – our entire parish family – we ask God’s blessing on Father Dennis J. Vincenzo, in all that he does as our loving pastor, brother in Christ and all around good fella’.  Twenty-five years in the making, our pastor will be celebrating the Silver Jubilee year of his ordination as a priest on January 12, 2016. However, that date falls on a Tuesday and so please save your personal congratulations for Father after mass on the following weekend after each of the Masses. You are invited to join those gatherings and share your own thoughts of the blessings that have accumulated through his 25th anniversary of ordination as a priest with Father Dennis.  Take the time to join us after either the 4:30 pm vigil on Saturday January 16, 2016 with a wine, cheese and crackers or after 8:00am and 10am Masses on Sunday January 17, 2016and our standard coffee and ….  

            Whenever clouds gather for us in our future, we can be assured that they come with a silver lining – thanks to the blessings we have received from the ministry of Father Dennis J. Vincenzo. Thanks be to God.


Deacon Mike and Deacon Steve 

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