11/08/2015 Pastor’s Message

November 23rd, 2015 by Donna in Pastor Message Archive 2015

A Family Blessing

God bless this house with an atmosphere of joy
and peace Forever here.
Bless each one in this Family, too.
With Faith to build their lives anew.
Bless all with good health and success to fill this house with happiness.

One of our parishioners came to me the other day to bless some religious articles she had acquired at a tag sale. This was among them, showing its age. However, it is essentially timeless, asking God to bless all the faith lives of the family, and to allow happiness to grow there. A family focused on its Catholic faith is a strong family.

The Synod on the family is just concluding, so it is a good time to focus our prayer on what the Church calls the ecclesiola, or “little church,” the family. Faith is nurtured in the life of the family, with parents passing it along to their children. Nothing should be allowed to interfere with the family’s growth in faith. Many things compete for the family’s time, be they athletics or school activities, or other extracurricular pursuits. Unfortunately, the Church gets “squeezed out” often and the family gets out of the habit of regular Mass attendance.

Fall is upon us, so this is a good time to assess the religious life of the family. I am willing to talk to any family who wishes to sit down and discuss their faith life. Why not “tune up” your faith just as you are preparing to tune your car up for the winter?

Keep the Faith

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