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October 13th, 2015 by Donna in Pastor Message Archive 2015


On Tuesday evening, we welcomed Bishop Christie Macaluso, who confirmed 27 young men and women in our parish family. They are all high school juniors, and have completed a two year preparation process for this day. I was struck by the variety of Confirmation names they chose, to invoke a particular saint to help them on this day and into the future. Some of them have a particular devotion to a saint, others have chosen the name to honor a grandparent or other member of their family. Their names are listed on the front cover of the bulletin this week. Please pray for them, and ask God the Holy Spirit to bestow on them the joy of the Christian life.

I could not help but notice as I mingled with the newly confirmed that they were particularly joyful and grateful for the gift of the Sacrament. Their families were so proud of them, and rejoiced that they received the third of the three Sacraments of Initiation (the other two are Baptism and Holy Eucharist). These young people are now empowered to say ‘yes’ on their own, to be renewed in their faith. A moving part of the ceremony was the renewal of Baptismal promises. Their parents and godparents made the promises for them in Baptism, and now they make them for themselves. Their ‘I do’ resonates within them as they follow Christ.

I want to thank Mrs. Jackie Beauvais, coordinator of youth ministry, for her hard work in bringing them to this day. Mrs. Beauvais joins me and Deacon Mike and Deacon Steve in thanking the parents of the Confirmation class. After all, the parents are the first teachers of their children in the ways of the faith.

Let us pray for students of all ages who are in our Religious Education classes and their catechists. We are indeed grateful for their generosity.

United in the Holy Spirit,

Rev. Dennis J. Vincenzo

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