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From Fr. Dennis’ Desk.
Ordinary Time: Extraordinary Grace

You will notice that we jump from the Baptism of the Lord, which brings the Christmas season to a close, to the Second Week of Ordinary Time. The reason is that the Baptism of the Lord does double duty as the First Sunday of Ordinary Time as well. The question emerges: what does Ordinary Time mean?

It does not mean ordinary like boring or ho-hum. It does not mean a yawn begins the new year again, and we’ve been through this before. The word comes from the Latin ordinal which means “counted.” We count the events of Jesus Christ’s life, death, and saving Resurrection. We retell the story of our faith, life-giving and glorious! Ordinary Time takes us into Lent, then Easter, the centerpiece of our lives as Catholic Christians, and then through the fifty days of the Easter season. Pentecost (May 24, 2015) provides another transition as we reenter Ordinary Time, which takes us to another threshold, at thirty-four weeks. This Feast, around Thanksgiving, is known in our calendar as the Feast of Christ the King, King of the Universe. After that we begin Advent again.

Ordinary Time is a way to experience the extraordinary grace that comes from God. We are different than last year when Ordinary Time began. The life of Christ retold and experienced anew is the gradual unfolding, in Word and Sacrament, of our salvation. Why not resolve to savor these days and weeks, and to celebrate the liturgy of the Church with renewed fervor? The story of our salvation is ever ancient, ever new.

With awe and wonder,

Fr. Dennis Vincenzo

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