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From Fr. Dennis’ Desk.


Get Ready!!!

            Wow!  I do not know about you, but Advent seems to have flown by this year.  Flown perhaps, because we need to slow down and savor a bit.  I know what you’re thinking – maybe even saying out loud – how can I do that since my life is so hectic right now?

Our friend Father Joe Keough in Newington launched a campaign last year, much like our “Why do you come through these doors?”, that announced:  “Slow down…for Christ’s sake”!  Father had lawn signs made and dotted the church property so that people who drove by on an extremely busy street (a major artery in town) thought at first that it meant that they had to drive more slowly.  Not a bad idea, it turns out, since they race like the Indy 500 (much like our townsfolk do on routes 64 and 188).  It was, instead, an Advent message – let us slow down to greet the Christ Child.  They had the church open one night a week for quiet time for people to drop by and slow down.  No talks, no audible prayer, just quiet.  Many people expressed appreciation last year and so far this year.

Today, on the Fourth Sunday, we “slow down” with Mary, who in the Annunciation said “Yes!” and was left to ponder the mystery for the rest of her pregnancy and to live with it as she, along with Joseph, raised Jesus.  What a glorious acceptance!  What a powerful and gracious model for us!

Simultaneously, we have to ‘get ready’ and ‘slow down.’  How is that going to happen for you?  Reading the Infant narratives in the Scriptures (Matthew, Mark, and Luke have them – John does not)?  Read a book about the Christmas story to your children or grandchildren?  Share about the traditions that you grew up with?  More than recipes, it is quite simply faith sharing.

Try it – you will be glad you did!

In my own name, and in the names of Deacon Mike and Deacon Steve, we all wish you a Happy and Merry Christmas, a holy day full of love and joy with family and friends.  All the Christmas Masses are offered for your intentions, and all in the parish family.  May the fruits of these Holy Masses bring you peace for these Holy Days and throughout the New Year 2015.

The Mass schedule is printed elsewhere in this bulletin.  Plan to join us for Christmas Mass.  Remember that we have a lot of visitors joining us who may not be here as often as we are, but please make them feel welcome.  They may join us if they find out how wonderful our parish family is.

Slow down, let’s do it together,


In Christ’s peace,

Rev. Dennis J. Vincenzo

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