11/02/14 Pastor’s Message

November 10th, 2014 by Donna in Pastors Message Archive 2014


A very frequent question I have received since September 14th, the day of the Apple Harvest festival, is “How much did we make, Father?” My answer to most was the same: we have to wait until all the expenses are settled first before we can determine the profit. Alas, the last bill arrived this week, so we can report on the profit.

Due to the hard work of lots of people, too many to name, we realized $20,287.25; you will see the full breakdown in the enclosed insert. It is pretty self-explanatory, but if you have questions, please see me (please do not gripe at the deli counter at Dinova’s). The 2014 expenses were much higher than in 2013, no surprises there.

I like this, because it gives me a chance to say a big THANK YOU to all involved: the chairs, the workers and all volunteers (before, during, and after), and of course those of you who supported the festival with your own hard earned money.

When Msgr. (then Fr.) Regan envisioned this over twenty years ago, it was seen as a community-builder that just happened to make money. I reiterate that wholeheartedly. I saw longtime parishioners mingle with young people and children, I saw new friendships made, and I felt a spirit that we certainly can celebrate here.

God Bless You,
Fr. Dennis J. Vincenzo

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