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October 14th, 2014 by Donna in Pastors Message Archive 2014

From Fr. Dennis’ Desk.

Respect Life Month

In recognition of this most special month, I have turned the pencil over to my friend Deacon Mike. You may not know that Deacon Mike writes the excellent column each week in the bulletin. He is too humble to sign his name, but I persuaded him for this only:

October is Respect Life month, a good time for each of us to give thanks for God’s most precious gift of life, to reflect on our personal commitment to the least and most vulnerable of our brothers and sisters, and to renew our efforts on their behalf. The ultimate goal of the pro-life movement is to transform our culture into one in which the life of every person, without exception, is protected and embraced from the moment of conception to the time of natural death.

As the contemporary disciples of Jesus Christ, we have been called to seek justice whenever, wherever and to whomever it has been denied. That includes every individual, from the innocent child whole life is at risk in the womb, to the elderly and infirmed who are often forgotten and relegated to living on the margins of society. Because each person is a unique gift from a loving God, respect and justice are inseparable from that love.

The “Good News” is that progress is being made on the pro-life front. Eyes are being opened and hearts are being touched, especially among our youth, as more and more people come to recognize the sanctity and dignity inherent in every human life. We serve God well and love as He loves whenever we reach out to society’s “widows and orphans”, both those alive in our midst and those who are alive in the womb.

United in LOVE for LIFE

Deacon Michael J. Walsh

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