09/21/14 Pastor’s Message

October 1st, 2014 by Donna in Pastors Message Archive 2014

Who among us has not heard this adage?

There are no strangers here,
Only friends we have not met.

There were certainly many friends at the Harvest Festival last Sunday:

• Friends who came to support the effort by “being there,” eating and drinking, buying tickets or tag sale treasures, and more!
• Volunteers (yay!!), who worked tirelessly to make the day a success. Too numerous to mention–isn’t that a great thing?
• Special “thank you” to the Knights of Columbus—dedicated hands, arms, backs, and hearts.

An extra special shout out to:
• Carolyn Gilland and Jason Hubney, our wonderful co-chairs, who were everywhere and anywhere to make this day so successful. They are engaged to be married—what a married couple they will be!
• Fran Brennan, raffle chairman, who saw the process through expertly and with aplomb (you try dealing with the State of CT).
• Coordinators of each booth/activity (watch this space), who spent months planning and cajoling. Bravo!

To one and all: Thank you! Gracias! Grazie!

Fr. Dennis J. Vincenzo

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