08/03/14 Pastor’s Message

August 11th, 2014 by Donna in Pastors Message Archive 2014

On my vacation, I decided to let our patron St. John of the Cross speak for me:

John of the Cross
“The Spiritual Canticle”

Mountains have heights and they are affluent, vast, beautiful, graceful, bright and fragrant. These mountains are what my Beloved is to me…Lonely valleys are quiet, pleasant, cool, shady, and flowing with fresh waters; in the variety of their groves and in the sweet song of the birds, they afford abundant recreation and delight to the senses, and in their solitude and silence they refresh and give rest. These valleys are what my Beloved is to me.

She lived in solitude,
And now in solitude has built her nest;
And in solitude he guides her,
He alone, who also bears
In solitude the wound of love.


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