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July 22nd, 2014 by Donna in Pastors Message Archive 2014

Dedicated to Our Salvation

…when [Jesus] took our flesh, He dedicated the whole of its substance to our salvation. He offered His Body to God the Father on the altar of the cross as a sacrifice…He shed His Blood for our ransom and purification, so that we might be redeemed…and cleansed from all sin. But to ensure that the memory of so great a gift would abide with us forever, He left His body as Food and His Blood as Drink for the faithful to consume…

St. Thomas Aquinas, Priest

It’s all right there: Jesus is dedicated to our salvation in the Holy Eucharist! He is not a distant, indifferent, or mercurial God, who is removed from us. He is Present (Real Presence in the Eucharist) to us always.

I have spoken and written frequently about my desire to deepen our Eucharistic identity as a parish family. How I desire that every man, woman, and child would grow in love for the Holy Eucharist.

Perhaps today’s Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, with its prayers, readings, and focus, would be a great day to pledge greater devotion to the One who is dedicated to our salvation.

United in the Eucharistic Lord,

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