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Laying On of Hands, part 1

We must remember that the soul is but a hollow which God fills. Its union with God is, almost by definition, a continual self-abandonment, an opening, an unveiling, a surrender of itself.

The weekend of the Fifth Sunday of Easter unfolds before us, with its invitation to follow Christ Jesus in word and deed (First reading), and as our way to eternal life (Gospel).

No small dispute broke out among the disciples, as differences of nationality (ethnic ties) and community needs embroiled them. Their answer was for the Twelve Apostles to choose seven men from among them, and the first Deacons were appointed and ordained in that ancient gesture of laying on of hands. This is significant because the ministry of Deacon exists to this day, as its importance of serving the Word (preaching and teaching), serving at Table (Sacramental life), and serving the needy (direct service and advocacy) is exhibited every day.

I would like to thank Deacon Mike and Deacon Steve for their ministry among us. They remind me of the commitment and fervor of the first seven Deacons chosen in the early church. Both of them call this parish home, and have raised their families here. Why not tell them how much you appreciate them, and thank them for their ordained ministry.

Easter Peace,

Fr. Dennis J. Vincenzo


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