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From Fr. Dennis’ Desk

 It’s Euthanasia No Matter What You Call It

You may have read the paper last Saturday, detailing a bill before the CT General Assembly Public Health Committee.  It concerns the effort to allow persons to end their own lives, with assistance from medical professionals.  The proponents have called it the death with dignity bill or the aid in dying bill, but it really boils down to euthanasia.  The Catechism of the Catholic Church states:  “Those whose lives are diminished or weakened deserve special respect.  Sick or handicapped persons should be helped to lead lives as normal as possible.  Whatever its motives or means, direct euthanasia consists of putting an end to the lives of handicapped, sick or dying persons.  It is morally unacceptable.” (2276-77).  The Catholic Church teaches that all life is precious at all its stages, from conception to natural death.  Any procedure or effort to end life is an offense against the natural law that God has set in motion for our lives.

What can we do?  We can contact the Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference at ccc@connecticutcatholic.org or their website at www.ctcatholic.org to sign up for legislative alerts and action bulletins.  Let your voice be heard!  Right now, as of this writing, the bill is in committee and has not gone to the full General Assembly.  They have yet to schedule public hearings, but be prepared.


Fr. Dennis J. Vincenzo


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