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From Fr. Dennis’ Desk

I am Yours

In the heart of Dublin, Ireland, Sr. Catherine McAuley  founded the Sisters of Mercy.  She began a legacy of love, compassion, and care for the stranger, the other, the one in need.  With a simple sip of tea, she formed their charism of hospitality and outreach.  For generations, the Sisters of Mercy have taught children in Catholic schools.

Sr. Catherine McAuley had a phrase she used often:  “My God, I am yours for TIME and ETERNITY.”  What a powerful prayer uttered from the lips of a holy woman who will always be remembered.  It is a true act of surrender, to place ourselves before God, to trust God enough to rely on Him wholeheartedly.  Sometimes it’s not always easy to do this, since we ourselves often get in the way.

Imagine yourself standing before God, the Beloved.  He loves you completely and perfectly in Christ; He will never fail to forgive or love you.  Indeed, God is crazy about you!  What can be our response except to become united with Christ Jesus and offer ourselves to God, the One who created us and sustains us?

Try saying this prayer a few times this week, even quietly as you begin your day.  You may even wish to recall it on your commute to work.

I am yours, O Holy One, I am yours…try it, you may like it.

Please note that due to the FLU season, we will no longer shake hands at the sign of peace.  When the season is over, we will return to our former practice.  I will be curtailing shaking hands on the way out of Mass.  Let’s share kindness and good will, but not germs.  Thanks!

God love you,
Fr.  Dennis J. Vincenzo


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