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From Fr. Dennis’ Desk

Have No Fear

I recently came across a quote from Blessed Pope John Paul II (soon to be canonized on April 27th):  “Have no fear of moving into the unknown.  I am with you.”  How reassuring that is, to experience the Lord’s promise:  faced by being thrown about in a storm at sea, experiencing health uncertainties, employment struggles, financial difficulties…the LORD is always PRESENT to us.  The Lord will never leave us alone, but will always reach out His hand to us:  He is with us, to hold us up, to bolster our weakening knees, to revive our sagging spirits, to renew us even in the face of death.  Jesus Christ loves us so much that he will never abandon us.  Even if a mother abandons her child, I will never abandon you, says the Lord God in the book of Isaiah.  Perfectly and completely in Christ, we are saved, satiated, and satisfied.

Lent is coming just two weeks from Wednesday.  In a sense it is a journey into the unknown because each Lent is different, new, and full of God’s surprises.  What is the ‘unknown’ that you are facing?  The Lord is with you, I guarantee you.

I was reflecting on this quote as I was visiting the hospital to see some parishioners and a close priest friend.  As I write this, it is February 11, the World Day of Prayer for the Sick, instituted by Blessed John Paul II.  The sick face the unknown as they deal with their physical weakness.  They have strong faith that the Lord they receive each day in the Eucharist will always be with them.  Please continue to pray for them.

With love,

Fr.  Dennis J. Vincenzo

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