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From the Desk of Fr. Dennis

Month of the Rosary: October

This month, throughout many centuries, has been known in our Catholic tradition as the month of the Holy Rosary.  It arose from military victory attributed to Our Lady’s intercession through the Rosary.  Maybe during this month we can rediscover the Rosary for ourselves and our families.  I found a prayer to the Mother of God in time of need that might be helpful (written by Edward Hays):

Holy Mary, Mother of our Lord, with confidence and trust, I come to you and ask your holy intercession, for I am in need…(My) life is overflowing with signs of God’s eternal love.  This day, however, finds me in special need, and so I come before you, O Holy Mother.  I place into your supple hands my special need this day (of        ).  Holy Mother, I am aware that God knows my every need…At the same time, I am mindful of your great compassion and know the grace of your being with me in prayer, and so I lay this special intention before you with great confidence. Reminded of your Son, who often came to you with His needs, I am at ease as I follow in His steps and bring my needs before you.

In asking this favor of our God, I follow your holy example and bow before the divine will, willingly embracing what God has chosen for me.  Amen+

Fr. Dennis J. Vincenzo

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