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From Fr. Dennis’ Desk

Our Accomplishments

[Hint: Not What You Think]

The accomplishment of all works is love.  This is our purpose; for this we run, toward this goal.  When we arrive, we shall find rest. St. Augustine Love touches us spontaneously – it makes us spontaneous. St. Bernard of Clairvaux

The kids are back to school.  They need to catch that bus, they need to be picked up after soccer practice, they need to go to dance and drama.  They want that sleepover and they want all of their friends for a birthday party.  They need to go to C.C.D. – I gotta remember to pick them (what time do classes start again?  What time do they get out?).  Homework beckons, but so does supper (not to mention packing a lunch and, o yeah, a healthy breakfast ‘cause it’s the most important meal of the day!).  Hey, honey, “What Mass are we going to?”

We run around, and we have so many things to do.  Young families are pulled in all different directions, yet the constant is LOVE.  Everything we do, all that we say, all of our endeavors should begin and end with LOVE.  The LOVE of Christ orders our lives as Catholic Christians.  Our greatest accomplishments as parents, as children, disciples, single, lay and ordained, widowed, divorced, married, lonely, ill, and infirm, homebound, in a care facility…is how much we love.  Our spontaneous LOVE, as St. Bernard says, makes us who we are.

LOVE is most perfectly expressed in the Eucharist – weekly Mass with the parish family.  We need to celebrate the story of our salvation, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with all, young and young at heart.

United in LOVE,

Fr. Dennis J. Vincenzo


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