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Babies Cry, Don’t They…?

Babies cry in church because it is the right place for them to say yes to the Mystery of life, and to remind us to renew our own.     — Eugene Cullen Kennedy

Some good friends of mine from a former parish I served just had a beautiful, healthy (thank God!) baby girl, to join their three other children, two big brothers and a big sister.  Cora joins the ranks of her siblings, and changes the family dynamic forever.

St. Augustine (5th century bishop and doctor of the Church) realized even then that each time a baby is born, God renews His faith in humanity.  St. Augustine’s feast was just this past Wednesday, and it got me to thinking that we need to pause and let the symphony of babies sink into our hearts.  They help us to say ‘yes’ to the Mystery of life.  They point us toward God, Whose own Son was born as a fragile human being, fully Human and fully Divine.

I look forward to baptizing Cora soon, as is my privilege at my friends’ invitation.  What a beautiful gift of faith, in the Year of Faith, to celebrate new life in Christ.  Yes, Cora will cry in church, as do your children and grandchildren, but it’s the right place for their praise and their ‘yes’ to resound.


This past week we held a series of meetings with the incoming ninth graders and the newly minted tenth graders who are entering the new phase of preparation for  the Sacrament of Confirmation.  We went over the schedule, of course, and figured out which blocks go in which holes.  But, more than paperwork, I saw an eagerness on their faces – especially the ninth graders who were to begin high school the very next day.  They and their parents came forward on the Holy Altar to sign a commitment agreement outlining the program.

On their faces was a resolve to prepare heart, head, and spirit for the Sacrament.

Let’s pray for them, and for all children in all grades beginning religious education this year.  Soon – a word on the new curriculum.

Saying ‘yes’ to Mystery,

Fr. Dennis J. Vincenzo


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