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From Fr. Dennis’ Desk

1971: A Year to Remember

In 1971, Richard Nixon was President of the United States,  Spiro Agnew served as Vice President, and the U.S. population was 207,660,677 million.  The world population peaked at 3.78 billion.  The life expectancy was 71.1 years.

It was also the last year that there was a priestly vocation from St John of the Cross.  Think of all the hundreds and thousands of students in our Religious. Education Program, all the Baptisms and Confirmations since then.  Not one young man, as far as I know, has gone on to priestly ministry, or one young woman has entered consecrated life.

Aren’t we overdue?

Is 2013 the year that a young man or woman comes forward from among our parish family?

What do we as parents and grandparents do to encourage vocations to priesthood or religious life from our own families? What about a young altar server or catechist among our family–can we ask them?  I was 14 when I first gave serious consideration to priesthood.

I believe we have less of a vocation crisis than a communication crisis…asking, suggesting, witnessing from our own faith, provides a golden opportunity to foster vocations.

If there is any young man or woman who has questions about vocations, perhaps just asking what it entails, please see me anytime.

By the way, the last ” homegrown” vocation from this parish was native son, Msgr. Douglas Clancy, ordained in May, 1971.

How about a few more?

United in the Good Shepherd,

Fr. Dennis J. Vincenzo


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