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From Fr. Dennis’ Desk

God Holds on Tight!

On Father’s Day, I observed a reassuring sight.  As I drove through the center of town, I saw a father helping his daughter ride a bicycle.  She appeared to be about eight years old, complete with helmet, knee and elbow pads, and a determined look on her face.  She might as well have been entering the Tour de France, yearning for the yellow jersey.  Dad, as patient as can be, was holding on tight to the back of the bike, helping her balance, and letting her know that he was there.  She was safe in the arms of the father, who was not about to let her go.  She was learning, but she was also relying, and it seemed like she was doing fine.

That father and daughter taught me something about God, our Father.  God guides us, through holding on tight, not to impede us, but to let us be free.  Through the Sacraments, through the life-giving Word, in the person of His Son Jesus Christ, God teaches us and shapes us.  We all need a little help, and we get it from the Church and all that is life giving for us.

Look around the church today, and notice that the assembly has thinned out since the CCD year has ended.  Many families have other things to occupy them.  Sure, everyone has a vacation, but the entire summer?  What does this say about our relationship with God?  Many things seem more important than coming to church and worshipping with others.

Maybe we all need to assess who is holding onto us and showing us the way.

Pedaling along with you,

Fr. Dennis J. Vincenzo


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