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From Fr. Dennis’ Desk


God wove a web of loveliness, Of clouds and stars and birds, But made not anything at all So beautiful as words. —Anna Hempstead Branch

Think about it.  How many words do you use every day? At home, work, school, with a friend, a casual encounter with an acquaintance, texting, e-mailing, talking on our ever- present cell phones . . . it’s a wonder we’re not all talked out!

Think about how we use words – to comfort, banishing the monsters from under the kids’ beds, to console, to express love, to voice consternation or to invest in a significant relationship.  To read a story to a child, even if we’ve read it a hundred times!

Our words can be beautiful, as the verse above indicates, or they can be harsh, thoughtless, racist or homophobic, gossip- ridden, or just plain mean.

Jesus talks about a radical call to discipleship~ how do our words fit into that call?

Rejoicing in the Word,

Fr. Dennis J. Vincenzo

̴ ̴ ̴ ̴ ̴ ̴ ̴ ̴ ̴ ̴ ̴ ̴ ̴ ̴ ̴ ̴ ̴ ̴ ̴ ̴ ̴ ̴ ̴ ̴ ̴ ̴ ̴ ̴ ̴ ̴ ̴ ̴ ̴ ̴ ̴ ̴

In today’s Gospel, Jesus said, “Foxes have dens and birds of the sky have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to rest his head.”

Reflection: Jesus is speaking to each of us who are on the road with him. And it is a road —  not a permanent and comfortable pew. It will require personal sacrifice.  We might like to spell out or bargain the terms of our discipleship, but we can’t, not if we are traveling with Jesus on the road.  We can’t put any preconditions to discipleship.  So we ask ourselves:  What has it cost me to be a disciple of Jesus?  Has it been worth the sacrifice?  If so, today is a chance to thank God for the call I have heard.

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