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From Fr. Dennis’ Desk

Of Many Things

Today we have a few items to highlight, one involves fathers and the other involves parish leadership and planning.

Happy Father’s Day!! Father’s Day provides us with an opportunity to honor all of our fathers, and to pray for them.  All of the Masses on Sunday are offered for our fathers, living and deceased, as we give God thanks for all the many ways that they have shaped our lives.  Fathers and grandfathers, godfathers, and fathers-to-be, are held in our hearts this day.  Some who are reading this do not have (or have not had) a good relationship with their father.  Perhaps this was due to estrangement, substance abuse, emotional abuse, domestic violence, or marital discord, or any number of reasons.  It might be a good day to pray for healing of memories, or maybe even to seek reconciliation.  The prayer of the parish family is toward the healing of all relationships in the name of Christ Jesus, the Prince of peace.

Parish Council News: This week we concluded the Parish Council year, bade farewell to the departing members, and seated those newly elected.  The council voted for the new officers for the year 2013-14:  Peggy Dwyer was elected as President, and Dave Williams was elected as Vice President.  We thank the departing members for their service:  Carol Anelli, Joe Connolly, and Bob Eddy.  We welcome the new members, Kathy Bona, Peggy Gibbons, and Rick Thorpe.  A big Thank You is extended to all.

Parish Planning:  By now, every registered family in the parish should have received my letter regarding the need for more extensive parish planning, and a financial strategy that involves retiring the mortgage we presently hold on the Parish House.  The Our Future Parish Committee is presently being formed, with representatives of the parish and finance councils and the parish at large.  The first meeting will be held in the next few weeks.  If you are so inclined, please pray for our work.  Watch this space for more details, as they are made available.

Note:  If you did not receive my letter, it could mean that you are not presently registered in the parish.  Please contact the Parish House to sort it out. Thanks!

Your Spiritual Father,

Fr. Dennis J. Vincenzo


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