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From Fr. Dennis’ Desk

Food for Thought and Prayer

Hope, Life, Way, Salvation, Understanding, Wisdom. Light, Judge, Door, Most High, King, Precious     Stone, Prophet, Priest, Messiah, Sabaoth, Teacher, Spouse, Mediator, Vineyard, Shepherd, Sheep, Peace, Root, Vine-stock, Olive Tree, Source, Wall, Lamb, Victim, Lion, Intercessor, Word, Man, Net, Rock, House: Christ Jesus is Everything. Damasus, 4th century


Parish Meetings Part 3

The parish meetings, concluded on April 27, provided an opportunity to look ahead in hope to the future needs of the parish.  Here are a few highlights from the Financial Plan:

o There is a need for a new organ.  Our present organ is forty years old, and its digital mechanics are no longer able to be replaced.  The organ has perhaps one or two years of life left in it.  The cost to replace it would be about $125K.  This, of course, is a huge expense.  People at the meetings urged that this become one of the major items to be covered  by a possible capital campaign.

o The mortgage on the Parish House continues to be a major concern.  The amount owed is $746K.  Since our recent fundraising such as the Apple Harvest Festival has gone to cover ordinary expenses, we have not been able to put money aside for savings or to make any headway on the mortgage.  Creative ideas are needed to meet this significant obligation.

There were many more items discussed and presented at the parish meetings.  Since notes were made of each meeting, we will shortly make them available for people to read.

Come, Holy Spirit,

Father Dennis J. Vincenzo

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