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From Fr. Dennis’ Desk

Boston Strong

Dear brothers and sisters, each day the Lord calls us to follow him with courage and fidelity; he has made us the great gift of choosing us as his disciples; he invites us to proclaim him with joy as the Risen one, but he asks us to do so by word and by the witness of our lives, in daily life. The Lord is the only God of our lives, and he invites us to strip ourselves of our many idols and to worship him alone. To proclaim, to witness, to adore. May the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Paul help us on this journey and intercede for us. Amen.  Pope Francis I, April 14, 2013

Just a day before the terrorists’ attack in Boston at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, our Holy Father Pope Francis I spoke these words at a homily at the Basilica of St. Paul Beyond the Walls in Rome.  He emphasized strength in the Lord, and the call to be a joyful witness to the Lord.  Courage, he said, especially in the face of adversity, has its origin in Christ.

Little did the Holy Father know the events that would unfold barely 24 hours after this homily was delivered.  Lost lives, shattered lives, chaos, terror…the whole country was affected by the evil wrought on that beautiful spring day.  However, there were numerous acts of heroism and bravery, from the first responders to the ordinary people caught up in this tragedy.  We are strong as Americans, as Christians, as believers.  As our prayers rise to the Lord, as some closure has been achieved, in a sense we will never be the same again.

We stand Boston strong, American strong, Catholic strong.  May the Blessed Mother, St. John of the Cross, and the Communion of Saints intercede fur us all.

Strong in the Lord

Father Dennis J. Vincenzo

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