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From Fr. Dennis’ Desk

Look To The Shepherd…and Listen

Even the death of friends will inspire us as much as their lives.  Their memories will be encrusted over with sublime and pleasing thoughts as monuments of other men are overgrown with moss; for our friends have no place in the graveyard. Henry David Thoreau

Here is an Easter verse from the pen of Thoreau, who counsels us to keep the memories of our friends alive, since they do indeed live forever.  The graveyard has been conquered, the tomb emptied by God’s Love in Jesus Christ.  Today we glory in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.  Our Easter celebration turns a page onto the Fourth Sunday of Easter, and we are beckoned from the graveyard by the voice of the Good Shepherd.  So confident is the Shepherd that we the sheep will hear His voice:  He knows us, and we follow Him.  There is no snatching the sheep from His hand, or the outstretched hand of the Father.

Listen to the Shepherd, for His voice echoes across the valley of death, calling us to the safety of His embrace.  With the psalmist, we repeat:  “We are His people, the sheep of His flock” (Psalm 100).

In three weeks, on May 11th, our children will receive their First Holy Communion.  They have been preparing for many months, celebrating their First Reconciliation in January.  They now come to the Table, invited by the Shepherd.  It is so precious to interact with them, as they are, in the words of today’s first reading from the Acts of the Apostles, “filled with joy and the Holy Spirit.”

Get excited with them; be renewed in your call to the Holy Eucharistic Banquet.  Are we always “filled with joy and the Holy Spirit”?  What do we convey to our children?  That Mass is “one more thing” to do, on a long laundry list?  Maybe, through the eyes and ears of the little ones, we can hear the Shepherd anew.   Listening to the Shepherd together,

Father Dennis J. Vincenzo

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