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From Fr. Dennis’ Desk


Alleluia!  He is Risen!!  Alleluia!  This is our song for the season, fifty days of basking in the Light of Christ Risen from the dead.  It is truly a season of gratitude, thanking our loving God for the gift of new life in Christ.  The Paschal candle glows atop every candle stand in the world, reminding us as it flickers that it is the Light of Christ which destroys the grip of sin and the power of death. Recently, I attended a meeting with Christians of other denominations.  One of the focus questions at the meeting was “How do we keep Easter ‘alive’/’going’?”  It’s a question for all of us, it seems to me.  What specific ways do we keep Easter ‘alive’?  In our family?  In our day-to-day interactions?  We attend Mass, of course, the single greatest opportunity to celebrate Easter in Word and Sacrament.  Read Luke Chapter 24 for the stirring story of the Road to Emmaus, wherein the disciples recognize the Risen Jesus in the Breaking of the Break (Luke 24:35).  The Little White Book helps, to spend six minutes each day in prayer. We should cultivate a heart of gratitude in this season, to allow Easter to resound in our lives.  Tell stories of Jesus’ triumph over death to your children; share the true and good things that come from faithfulness to His Word, read the Scriptures during the week before coming to Mass.  If you have any good ideas about keeping Easter fresh, e-mail me at st.john@snet.net with Easter in the subject line.  I would welcome hearing from you.

St. Joseph Medal of Appreciation  We congratulate Robert Desmarais, Sr., who is the 2013 recipient of the Archdiocesan Medal of Appreciation.  The St. Joseph Medal is awarded by Archbishop Mansell to recognize special achievements in serving his or her parish.  Bob is our head usher who spends a lot of time and energy serving our parish family.  He makes people feel welcome upon entering the church, and takes care of all the details of hospitality.  The awards ceremony is this afternoon (April 14) at the Cathedral of St. Joseph in Hartford.  When you see Bob, congratulate him on this well-deserved honor.  Bravo, Bob!

Yours in the Risen Christ

Father Dennis J. Vincenzo

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