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From Fr. Dennis’ Desk


“Gentle God, help us to understand the cross as the abyss of wonders, the center of desires, the school of virtues, the house of wisdom, the throne of love, the creator of joy, and the place of sorrows. Let us comprehend it as the root of happiness and the gate of heaven.”

Those of you who attended the Mission may remember this was the closing prayer.  Its source is A Way Of The Cross by Tolbert McCarroll [Paulist Press, 1985]. I thought, when we chose it, that it was perfect for a meditation on the Cross, and specifically walking the Stations, as so many have done for Lent.

Next Sunday is Passion (Palm) Sunday, the threshold to Holy Week. Try praying with any one of these images, as we prepare our hearts for the Greatest Love Story of All Time. The Lord triumphantly enters Jerusalem, as the crowds triumphantly hail him as king. They will soon scream “Crucify Him!” and His throne will be Love as HE stretches out His hands and dies. Let its beauty resound in your spirit.

Come to Palm Sunday expecting a renewed relationship with the Passion. God will honor your desire.

Yours in the Crucified One,

Fr. Dennis J. Vincenzo

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