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As I write this, we are now marking Pope Benedict XVI’s last weekend as our Holy Father. He has done what only one previous pontiff has done: resigned the papacy. Much has been written about his decision, and many in the media have tried to spin it this way or that. An editorial cartoon came across my desk which depicts St. Peter’s Basilica with an incredulous voice rising from it: “You gave up WHAT for Lent?!”

Perhaps that’s the larger point: the Holy Father made a decision which says that no one is more important than the mission of the Gospel and the Church. No one is indispensable – we serve our Lord and try to let Him shine through. No pastor, no priest, no religious, no layman or woman, yes even no Pope, is bigger than Christ’s Mission.

A priest friend called his decision ” prophetic” since the Holy Father would be like a John the Baptist figure – He (the Lord) must increase while I decrease. Stepping away is not a sign of weakness but of strength. The Holy Father gave a gift to the Church – a man of God making a Godly decision.

I was thinking that the most important title Pope Benedict XVI will ever carry is not Cardinal or even Pope, but rather his Baptismal name Joseph, child of God, Christian.

We pray for Pope Benedict’s health and intentions as he enters this precious phase of his life.

United as children of God in Christ,

Father Dennis

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