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Being Kind for the Kingdom

To be kind is more important than to be right.  Many times, what people NEED is not a brilliant mind that speaks but a SPECIAL HEART that LISTENS.

I have lately been surprised at the tenor of public discourse.  Maybe I should say ‘rattled’ or ‘disappointed’ or even ‘downright disgusted.’  In the wake of the tragedy in Newtown last month or the ‘fiscal cliff’ debacle, it seems that we have a hard time disagreeing with one another without being disagreeable.  I recently had occasion for a friend of mine to begin yelling at me at a public meeting.  We disagreed about the issue, to be sure, but his reaction was out of proportion.  I then took a breather and saw the above quote on a bulletin board outside the religious education office.  I have seen that on television specifically regarding gun control issues.  There have been countless ‘talking heads’ and town hall style meetings that devolve into shouting matches or name-calling.  Grown people, supposedly the adults in the room, treat each other with disrespect and do not even listen to the other side.  I admit that I have strong feelings about gun control and the need to provide more funding for mental health treatment.   Jesus announces His mission and ministry in today’s Gospel from the 4th chapter of Luke.  Can we attend to one another as Jesus would and free each other from the bonds of incivility?  This is written and went to press before the parish meetings on Weds. and Sat., so in case you’re wondering it does reflect not on the quality of the dialogue! That reminds me – I have to call my friend.

It gives me pleasure to announce that as of Jan. 12th, we welcome our religious education team in their new positions.  The Coordinator of Religious Education for grades 1-8 is Mrs. Ryah King and the Coordinator of Youth Ministry (high school program for Confirmation, grades 9-12, and peer ministry) is Mrs. Jackie Beauvais.  Both of them are women of deep faith with strong roots in our parish family.  We are delighted to welcome them!  Godspeed!

Announcing a year acceptable to the Lord,  Father Dennis

Fr. Dennis J. Vincenzo

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