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From Fr. Dennis’ Desk

The Echo of the Baptist’s Cry

Today we hear the Voice.  The central Advent Voice, the one who calls us to repentance:  John the Baptist.  His voice echoes across the desert, the wastelands, the arid, parched parts of our lives.  John the Baptist dominates the second and third weeks of Advent.  Listen carefully.  Let us heed his voice, and make straight the paths of the Lord.  What rough areas of our lives need to be smoothed, like a fine pearl given as a gift to the Infant King?

I read in The Word Among Us (Dec., 2012) that legend has it that a young Mexican girl was sad because she was too poor to buy any flowers for Baby Jesus on Christmas Eve.  She was crestfallen, and on the way to the church, an angel appeared and invited her to pick up weeds by the side of the road.  When she brought the weeds to the manger, they were changed from weeds to poinsettias (p. 13).

What “weeds” do we have that need to be transformed?  Let us look at them together, and come to the manger to have the Lord transform them into a beautiful bouquet.  Praise God for the transforming power of His Love!

This weekend is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation at the communal penance service on Sunday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. at Sacred Heart Church in Southbury.  Come as a family – there will be over 7 priests hearing confessions.  Make your heart that gift to the Lord.

Advent joy,

Fr. Dennis J. Vincenzo

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