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From Fr. Dennis’ Desk

Our Lord Jesus Christ, the King of …

The universe

Truth and life

Holiness and grace

Justice, love, and peace

If we had more space in this bulletin, we could keep on going, drawing images from Sacred Scriptures, or just from our own prayer life.  We could invite Him to be King of our hearts, King of all of our lives, forever “the one Who is and Who was and Who is to come” (second reading).

Today’s Solemnity brings our liturgical year to a close, as it indicates that Jesus will one day take His place at the culmination of all creation.  God’s victory, won in the Resurrection of Christ the King, will come to its fullness, in the Anointed One, Priest and King.

The phrases above are from the Preface for today’s Mass, as we begin the Liturgy of the Eucharist.  Before the Holy, Holy, Holy, we prepare by praising God the Father (“It is right and just”) from the depths of our hearts.   Also, see below in the ‘focus question,’ which places them in the context of our lives.

Today’s Gospel from John has Pilate confront Jesus about the source of His power and the nature of His kingship.  Jesus replies that His “kingdom does not belong to this world.”  It is no more true than today – Jesus’ power is not in armies, armaments, or weapons of mass destruction.  As rockets rain down in the Middle East, and, as of this writing, ground troops are prepared to surge, we see that Jesus’ Kingdom is justice, love and peace.

Perhaps we could end this liturgical year by vowing to embrace this in our own lives.Daily Mass Schedule I will be on retreat from November 26th  through  November 29th.  There will be no daily Mass celebrated Monday, November 26th through Thursday, November 29th.

Please pray for me, as I promise to pray for your intentions.

In Christ’s peace,

Fr. Dennis J. Vincenzo

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