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From Fr. Dennis’ Desk

A Great Spirit

A number of years ago, Massachusetts had a jingle for tourism:  ‘The spirit of Massachusetts is the spirit of America – the spirit of the red, white, and blue!’  It of course was designed to invite people to plug into the historic significance of America.

I thought of this in the months leading up to the great Apple Harvest Festival, and the day itself.  So many people, too numerous to mention, pitched in with a great spirit and got the job done.  Some pitched tents, others cooked great food, and some spun cotton candy or sold a bag of books.  The tag sale sold many treasures and the silent auction was wildly successful.  I cannot speak highly enough of the spirit of the volunteers – you are such a blessing!  Everywhere surrounding Shepardson, a scoop of ice cream made someone smile, a raffle ticket sold made someone hopeful, and an apple fritter or fried dough evinced a promise to start the diet tomorrow.

The final numbers are not exact yet, because we have some outstanding bills. However, the total looks like around $33,000, including the raffle of $14,827 and $7,000 for the silent auction, a significant increase over last year.  There is no way to thank you all for the great SPIRIT, united in the HOLY SPIRIT, our God who brings us all together.  With the 19th Apple Harvest Festival under our belts, we will look forward to outdoing ourselves with the 20th annual in 2013!

On the run from all those calories,

Fr. Dennis J. Vincenzo




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