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From Fr. Dennis’ Desk

Become What We Receive

May partaking of Christ’s table sanctify us, we pray, O Lord, that being made members of His Body, we may become what we have received.

The prayer above is the prayer after Communion from the memorial of St. Augustine on August 28. Notice what is emphasized:  becoming what we have received, that the Eucharist continues to transform us even as we carry out our activities.  We are changed at the Sacred Meal, becoming the Body of Christ nourished by the Body and Blood of our Savior.  Let us ask ourselves – do I see my participation in the Eucharist in this way?

St. Augustine, a 4th century Bishop and Doctor of the Church, grew up the son of a pagan father and a very devout Catholic Christian mother, St. Monica.  His biographer said that St. Augustine’s early life was unsettled and he restlessly searched for the truth until he was converted to the Faith.

One of St.Augustine’s oft-quoted phrases was that he was restless until he rested in God.  What power and promise for so many of us, especially for those who have strayed from the Faith!

Become what you receive – accept God’s gift and give back to God what you have received in the Holy Eucharist.

United in the Eucharist,

Fr. Dennis J. Vincenzo




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