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From Fr. Dennis’ Desk

Update on Side Ramp

Many parishioners have asked questions about the side ramp/porch on the South Street side of the church.  One person actually said to me (no kidding):  “I want my door back!”

Late last year, it was noticed that the porch has begun deteriorating, crumbling, and becoming detached from the church.  This was during a routine maintenance audit conducted by the Buildings and Grounds committee of all the property owned by St. John of the Cross.  We engaged two structural engineers, both of whom recommended that it be closed off to foot traffic until it could be repaired, indeed, replaced.

Winter was an especially treacherous time, and a prime safety hazard.  One of the structural engineers prepared detailed specifications (“specs”) about its demolition and replacement.  This also involved some excavation in the front of the church to assess the source of water seeping into the stairs to the basement (under the choir loft).  These specs took longer, and it will involve digging a trench in front of the church.

The specs are now all completed, and the work has been put out to bid.  The bids are due soon.  We are planning to review them, with the members of the Buildings and Grounds committee, and I will write to Archbishop Mansell for permission to complete the work.  The Finance Committee approved the parameters at their last meeting.  Once the bids are opened and the work is approved, the project should begin.

I ask sincerely for your patience as the work is done.  More details will be forthcoming as we proceed.

I am grateful to the members of the Buildings and Grounds Committee:  Vinny Anelli, John Deriu, Joe DeSantis, Harry Bachelder, Ron Vitarelli.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Dennis J. Vincenzo




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