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From Fr. Dennis’ Desk

Two by Two

            Today’s Gospel presents the beautiful account of Jesus sending the Apostles out two by two, bestowing on them His authority.  I am always comforted by this, knowing the Lord did not intend for us to be “”Lone Rangers” and go it alone.  We have believers to accompany us, to lighten the load and support us in our struggles and rejoice with us in our joys.

             Perhaps you have heard the expression – “sorrow shared is diminished, joy shared is increased.”  The Twelve went ahead to preach repentance, and bring healing in the name of the Lord.  We have the same charge, relying on each other to live the Gospel daily.  Parents teach their children to model non-violent solutions, spouses support one another in living their love as the center of their lives and relationships, and single members rely on family and friends and soulmates to live out the Gospel.  We are better when we have the support of another.

This week, as I am on vacation, we welcome Fr. Dominic, a missionary priest with the Society of African Missions.  He has taken today’s gospel literally in preaching and teaching throughoutAfrica.

Please welcome Fr. Dominic, and be as generous as possible in supporting his order through today’s second collection.

Thank you in advance.


Fr. Dennis J. Vincenzo




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