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With Thanks for a Job Well Done

As most of you know, the end of this month marks the retirement of Annette Williams, our Director of Religious Education, after thirty years.  Mrs. Williams takes a well-deserved rest, and she leaves with our heartfelt gratitude and enduring admiration.

Last weekend, at the Graduation Mass, the peer ministers and the other graduates paid tribute to her.  She was also given a token of appreciation from the parish, a pewter pitcher engraved with the words of Jesus from St. Mark’s Gospel:  “Let the children come to me and do not hinder them…” The standing ovation was sustained and well deserved.  Mrs. Williams chose not to have a party or a public reception for her farewell; I reluctantly agreed to her request.

She has worked with all age groups of students from the youngest lining up for their First Holy Communion, to those striding toward the Bishop for Confirmation.  She sustained the peer ministry program, and sent many young men and women off to college.  She knows all of their names, and recognizes in their smiles the love of Jesus.  One catechist who worked with Annette for years had tears in her eyes when she heard the news of her retirement.

I have known Annette since I was a deacon intern here in 1990, and we have remained friends all of these years.  I admire her style, her dedication to her work, her love of the children, and her skills at making a pretty big job look easy.  I will miss her as an exemplary member of the staff and a close adviser.    Deacon Mike, Deacon Steve, and all the staff join me in thanking her for all the ways she extended herself above and beyond the call.

When you see Annette, please thank her for all of her dedicated work on behalf of our precious children.  We do not say good-bye, but adios:  May God go with you.

United in the Love of the Triune God,

Fr. Dennis J. Vincenzo

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