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April 24th, 2012 by Donna in Pastor Message Archive 2012


The word Easter comes to us, “derived from Old English, [which] means “to shine,” especially to shine like the dawn, and suggests both an action and a beginning, a new day” [2012 Sourcebook: The Almanac for Pastoral Liturgy]. What a wonderful, versatile word: EASTER!!

Are we prepared to SHINE for fifty days of the Easter season, from now until Pentecost? Will we shine on, and beyond, with the bright light that is Christ’s resurrected glory? Everything has changed: CHRIST IS RISEN!!!!! ALLELUIA! “The Fifty-Day time is an opportunity for the newly baptized and the long-ago baptized to give thanks to the Source of all things for their vocations in and as the church” [Eternity Today].

I want to thank all who made our Triduum and Easter celebrations shine, shine like the sun, shine like the Son! Our choirs and Greg Phelan, leader of song, under the direction of Allan Dabkowski, were radiant in bringing us to raise our voices in praise of God. Their hard work and practices paid off in a big way. The adult choir, the youth choir, and the instrumentalists were so powerful in delivering such beauty. The Triduum provides some of the most challenging musical pieces, especially after the Gloria on Holy Thursday when the organ and all the instruments are silenced.

Special thanks are due to the ushers who provided such warm hospitality, and to the altar servers who helped out with such complicated liturgies. Hats off to the readers for providing such a solid foundation, and to the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion who helped to share the Precious Lord. I want to acknowledge those who decorated the church so beautifully, and those who cleaned it so skillfully.

Gracious thanks to the anonymous donor who provided the altar candles (matching the Paschal candle) and to the Babarik and Posa families who donated the gorgeous new custom-made altar cloth! Look closely at it as you pass by – it is adorned with beautiful chalices and hosts.


In the Risen Lord,
Fr. Dennis J. Vincenzo

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