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Mary’s Soul as a Mirror at the Foot of the Cross

Mary’s soul is like a mirror that perfectly reflects Christ’s suffering.  Can we not say that this cry of Jesus echoed in the heart of the Virgin Mary as she stood beneath the Cross?  Can we not say that the Immaculate Heart of Mary shared in the great pain of that moment when Jesus revealed the separation between God and the human family, an alienation brought about by sin?  With no one to comfort her, Mary believes in Jesus and the Father. Mary stands at the Cross with an unwavering faith that lacks all consolation.

James Cardinal Hickey, Mary at the Foot of the Cross: Teacher and Example of Holiness [San Francisco:  Ignatius Press, 1988]

We are soon approaching Holy Week – next week is Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord.  It may seem as if Lent has sped by, or it may seem like it has hit a glacial pace.  Whatever your experience, we are all invited to embrace the Passion of the Lord more fully.

I would invite you to go to the Cross with the Blessed Virgin Mary, to experience her pain and longing, her suffering and her heart-piercing sorrow.  Next week on Palm Sunday, we will proclaim the Passion of our Lord according to Mark.  Then, on Good Friday, we will proclaim the Passion according to John, which recounts the Lord’s great gift:  “Behold your Mother.”  Pray with Mary this week, and through Palm Sunday into Holy Week.  Is her heart speaking to yours?  Could you and your family pray the Rosary together (even one decade each evening) – the Sorrowful Mysteries would be most appropriate until Palm Sunday.

This wonderful book quoted above was a gift for my ordination in 1991.  It offers some thought-provoking reflections on the Blessed Mother.  Even just paging through it provides many gems.

Let us pray for each other during these final weeks of Lent.

Fr. Dennis J. Vincenza

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